A Haunters Ghoulbox

We are in the process of building our Haunters Ghoulbox with tools useful for every stage of the haunting process.  Check back frequently for updates!

Planning Phase

Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is a powerful project planning tool to help you schedule all the activities needed to put on your haunt.  We discuss the Gantt chart and its creation in Episode 22.  The files we created can be found in the following public folder:


Get the free GanttProject software here:


3-D Modeling

After planning out our layout on paper, we find it helpful to build a digital model to work out details before moving to a full scale model.  NCH offers a free (for non-commercial use) software suite called DreamPlan Home Designer that is very intuitive to use:



Production Phase

Looking for easy-to-follow how to videos to build a variety of props?  I can think of no better source than the Haunters Hangout!