Host Biographies

The real blood from Harley's hammer really added to the atmosphere.
Keoni started haunting when he was 12 years old by jumping out of the bushes in his parent’s yard
at unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. He continued building larger and larger haunts over the next
several years until his haunting days were interrupted by college.
Keoni attended the US Coast Guard Academy and learned the finer aspects of set, audio,
lighting design and stage management with CGA Productions where he worked on Oklahoma,
Footloose, Bye Bye Birdie, Once Upon a Mattress, and I Hate Shakespeare in addition to numerous
live performances. Keoni learned how to incorporate theatrical special effects and design into his
After college, Keoni continued to dabble in amateur theater by designing sets and stage managing
for the Sunset Elementary School Drama club and their productions of The Little Mermaid Jr. and
Seussical Jr. After moving back to Colorado, Keoni rounded up the old gang and developed two
large home-haunts: The Zombie Apocalypse and his most recent attraction, the Arkham Asylum
Haunted House, which is featured heavily in the Haunting U podcasts.
Keoni is lucky enough to be married to the most understanding woman in
the world, Ashley, and has two rambunctious toddlers Luka and Walker.


Who doesn't love a pink dolphin?
John met Keoni in the sixth grade and after stealing a few of Keoni’s belongings they became
instant friends. He joined Keoni’s haunting efforts the next Halloween and has been striking
fear into the hearts of trick-or-treaters ever since. While an accomplished scaractor himself,
John’s specialty lies in brainstorming, marketing and stage management.
After many years spent in sales, John finally escaped into the world of telecommunications.
John developed the storyline and helped design the layout for the Arkham Asylum Haunted House
before bringing his marketing expertise to bear and ultimately tripling the visitor count between
2014 and 2015.
John is married to the incredibly patient and supportive, Heather, a teacher in the Littleton area.